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Extra Services

Extra Services



Artificial Insemination with our Stud


1st pick of the litter


*Value goes toward puppy balance

Reserve a puppy


*Value goes toward puppy balance and non-refundable (Only good for 2 weeks to reserve the puppy, after 2 weeks the amount goes in to your yummy yorkies puppy savings account and can be used to reserve other puppy, or save to purchase puppy.) 



per shot

Puppy Birth Assisting


4 hours

$50 more for every hour past the first 4



(if you want us to whelp them for the 2 months until they are ready to go home then it is either going to be $1000-$1500 depending on how many puppies, or we get to keep a puppy as 1st pick up the litter

Tail Docking


per tail

Puppy Finder


We help you find any puppy you want not just a Yorkie, in a 2-month time frame, the $500 goes towards the balance of the puppy.

Yummy Yorkies Payment Program


Pay your puppy in payments until you reach $2,500. Can be days, weeks, months! Then you get to pick one of the puppies that is available at that time. (that has not yet been reserved.)

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